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Version Number2.2 (2005)
Last Updated02.10.2008

Started at MIT, now a non-profit consortium with members at a number of universities and companies around the world. Members pay a fee to participate in the OpenACS consortium, but anybody who fulfills the requirements can become certified and contribute. Descripted evaluation update: September 2005

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Approx. costs campus system
Approx. costs minimal system
Main European Languages Yes The product has user interfaces for the main european languages german, french, italian, english
Source of information (2005) Source of information classifies the maintainer's knowledge about this system, e.g. manifacturer, student, tutor, admin, system developer or reseller. In case of research, it describes the source of information.
Supports multiple organisation units No The plattform manages multiple organisation units or a campus, each unit having its own e-learning envronment.
Users can choose their interface-language Yes
Users can choose their language per course No

SE Ease of Use
Browsercompatibility functions Yes Server functions are compatible with all common Browsers at least like Firefox, Explorer and Safari in actual versions.
Browsercompatibility learning material Limited Learning material is compatible with all common Browsers at least like Firefox, Explorer and Safari in actual versions.
Context sensitive help Limited
Does not use frames Yes Doesn't use frames, so e.g. printing contents is easier.
In-system bookmarks Yes Bookmarks are stored on the server
Print current page Yes
Save or print current page No
URL access possible Yes You can access content pages and other server funcions by URL.
Use environment like common web pages Yes
Uses scalable fonts Yes

SE Functional
Assignments No Assignments may be done by this system
Breadcrumbs Yes A progress path (breadcrumbs) supports navigation
Calendar Yes A calendar is available
Collaboration system Yes A bbs system is available
Configurable desktop Yes The personal desktop is configurable
Group document repository No group document repository
Keyword search No Overall keyword search for functions and contents
Local content accessibilty No Local contents like DVD are accessible
Messaging Yes A messaging system is available
News system Yes A news system is available
Personal document repository No A user has a personal document repository
Wiki No

TD Ease of Use
Glossary provided No
Role system Limited A complex role system is available and is preconfigured for common roles like student, tutor, assistants and admins.
Searchable forums No Forums are searchable
Threaded forums Yes
Workgroup forums No Students may be organized in workgroups, which may have their own forums.

TD Communication
Blog available No
Chat system Yes A chat system is available
Focus on asynchronous communication Yes
Forum creation by students Yes Students may create a new forum
Instant Messaging No Users can see who is online and chat with other online users
Internal mail addres accessible No An internal mail address is accessible from outside
Internal mailing system No The platform has an internal mailing system, which also may send mail to external adresses
RSS feeds Yes RSS feed for up-to-date news
Surveys possible No
Videoconferencing available No
Whiteboard No Whiteboard with integrated chat available

TD Student Management
Activity report system No The platform standard activity reports.
Class enrollment Yes Tutors may build classes by uploading or editing user lists.
Self enrollment Limited Depending on course strategy, students may enroll themselves for a course.
Student management Yes The platform allows to enroll students on different ways like a web interface and uploading student lists.
Students can build groups Yes
Tutors can build groups Yes file upload or individula, manual changes.

TD Activity Tracking
Activity tracking No A activity tracking is generally provided
Class performance in tests No Indication of class performance in tests
Course activity tracking No Tracking of course activity is generally available and not course dependent.
Individual page/tool access No
Individual performance in tests Yes Tracking of individual performance in tests
Prevent plagiarism No The platform has or can integrate tools to prevent plagiarism
Tracking of forum activity Limited Tracking of individual forum activity

Course Development
CD general
Course templates creatable Limited Courses may be designed to be used as templates
Hypertext linking No Relative links between documents work.
Learning resource repository Yes Share resources with other authors

CD Ease of Use
Content editing Yes Content may be generated and edited by a content editor
Default course organisation No The platform offers a generic default course organisation and navigation scheme. It therefore easy to develop content in an efficient way.
Definable course structure Limited A web interface exists to organize a course: content pages, tools, assessments etc.
Upload resources Yes There are flexible ways to upload/download all kinds of course resources like html pages, images, movies etc: as zip archives, though a web interface, through ssh/sftp or through WEBDAV

CD Development Framework
Client Side Scripting Yes
Course authoring tools Yes The plattform offers a development framework especially for creating contents, with is compatible with standard web authoring tools. Within this framework collaborative authoring possibilities are provided.
Customizable navigation scheme No The default navigation scheme easiliy can be replaced
Server Side Scripting Yes
Translation tool No Online translation tool available

CD Developers Support
Developers support line Limited The producer promptly answers support requests and reacts immediately on severe bug reports.
Developers support site Yes The platform producer runs a website that includes development documentation, forums and tutorials.
Development API for power authors Yes Authors with programming experience can go beyond default functionalities through a well defined application interface
Development Documentation No Extensible development documentation available
Extensible architecture Yes Custom functions can be added and integrated into the system

CD Compatibility with web authoring tools
Web tool compatable Yes Compatibility with common web authoring tools

CD Course elements
External pages No
Forums and file dialogs No Forums and "file dialog" elements may be included to discuss papers
SCORM and IMS Content Packages Yes Both SCORM and IMS Content Packages may be included in a course
Tests with scores No Tests (with scores) and exercises (anonymous, no scores) based on QTI standard may be included

CD Assessment
Assessment Not many different test types, mainly multiple choice questions and surveys.
Broad range of quiz types Limited The platform provides a broad range of quiz types which include: surveys, exercises, response based questioning, randomized question select, randomized question presentation, randomized answer presention, certification environment, different resultschemes based upon answer values or correct answers.
Extensible Quiz Engine No
Offline Quiz Editor No
Online Quiz Editor Yes
Quiz evaluation Limited Quiz evaluation includes: results per question group, per user group, psychometric analysis, question statistics, answer statistics

CD Support for e-learning standards
IMS QTI export Yes Questions may be exported in a IMS-QTI compatible format
IMS QTI import Yes IMS QTI import possible
SCORM 1.2 compatability Yes SCORM 1.2 content packages may be imported.
SCORM 2004 (1.3) compatability No SCORM 2004 packages may be imported for use on the plattform
SCORM 2004 sequencing No Content sequencing may be done as defined in SCORM 2004 packages
SCORM tracking No Use of SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (1.3) contents is tracked.
Support for e-learning standards

CD Adaptable look and feel
Adaptable look and feel Limited It is possible to customize the general appearance of the platform. In the simplest case this is limited to adapting stylesheets by overriding a default global stylesheet.
Course level look and feel Limited look and feel is adaptable at the course level
Create course layouts No Create course layout using CSS
Multiple corparate designs Limited supports institution wide definition of corporate designs, per organisation unit

SA System Requirements
Operating System
Programming language
Required Applications Reuquired application software beyond OS and webserver
Web server

SA System management
Architecture description
LAMP Architecture Yes The system is based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP)
Scalability Yes The platform is scalable, e.g. by supporting load-balancing techniques, multiple database servers
System management A large installation can use one database computer (PostgreSQL, Oracle) with two web servers for loadbalancing.

SA Administration
Authentication scheme Limited Theplatform supports a flexible authentication schema in order to offer single-log-in account for students. It should also be interoperable witch SWITCH AAI
Documentation Limited Installation and administration documentation and tutorials are available.
Report system flexability No The system provides a system and documentation to generate individual reports from platform-activity data
Security data No Personal data are encrypted, when they are stored
Security login No Personal data are encrypted when the are transmitted
User management description

Community Support Yes Community Support available
Independent commercial support No Commercial support is available from independent companies.

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